Smoke break is over.

Time to get back to work.

It’s nearly 7:30 and still so much to do before 10. You’ll see me later, but I won’t see you.


Send me a ⊗ in my askbox and my character will tell you one secret about themselves.

Explains why I can’t get many dates.

We creatures of the night are more capable of the unreasonable than you’d believe. That doesn’t mean we’ll do it.

Hello all, like my queued photograph?

Culture yourselves.

Everyone wonders so deeply about my interests, my personal life and my thoughts. Watch this iconic piece by Jean-Luc Godard by clicking the link above. A window into my personal life.

I can’t promise it’s age appropriate, but the ‘cc’ button will add English Subtitles for the Non-French speakers.

Maybe I should be more violent. The masses seem to find violence appealing, as appalling as it really is.

Poe, a wonderfully dreadful man. Though I must agree with this statement.

Sorry I’ve been rather silent.

Do excuse my absence, but it seems I’ve found myself tied up in a foreign affair that may take a few days. I hope to find some interesting questions in my askbox when I return.

Good afternoon, England, and Good morning/Evening to the rest of you lot. Toodles~


Someone will die tonight.

I’ve arrived home at close to two in the morning to find my box of Norwegian, specially blended tea opened and no questions in my ask box.

Animals, I tell you. 

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